I’m not sure what meaning to attach to my blog. My assumption is an attempt to communicate something about my self or my experiences that I consider important, though important to whom (myself or some errant friend or loved one? Maybe an ex-girlfriend I’ve not talked to in years or a dead pet checking up on me from wherever it is that dead pets go) I’m not sure. But that’s okay.

I like writing, yet I don’t practice it. I like writing, yet by the standards I care about, I’m not very good at it. Regardless of actual motives and what they may or may not reveal about my depths and shallows, my goals (surely a separate issue from motives) orientate around improved expression in word and thought and the corresponding (hopeful) expansion of observational skills. Especially as I move further into the changing future (mine, deliberately and scarily chosen, the rest of the world’s… um, maybe the same).


2 responses to “About

  1. Your sunrise chook tractor concept is terrific and quite well thought through. Are you in Australia?

    • Hi – thank you. No, in New Zealand, so a bit different climate-wise, but similar enough to VIC, TAS or other more southern areas.

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