Month in Review

Thomas started the month with an internet crush on a distant philosopher which may have evolved into cyber-stalking if not for the lyrical devotion he soon found elsewhere, while 88, in turn, stalked Thomas unrelentingly on Facebook and proved that perseverance does pay off when pursuing your dreams.

Little Dan proved he could poo and Big Dan’s Little One proved resistant to popping, regardless of how Pipping felt, all while Stupid Dan published a Stupid Book about people who like shaking hands in the dark. Adventures with verbage and Hyperion brought on fond reminisce about Devoted Dan, but that’s really as involved as he got (though he is always in our hearts).

Federer got rogered.

The dogs remained undoggy and the cats remained absconded (with little old ladies made of grey) but the real issue was the chicken tractor and it’s impendingness. The doves and half-breed pigeons did come into play, insofar as their excrement may prove hazardous to various waterways and food sources, yet the real issue no one was dealing with was their avian mortality and what it’s extinguishment could mean to the family as a whole.

Their were fights lost (metaphorical) and fights won (symbolically), the favourite trackpants of love (red) were damned to hell while courduroy was traded as barbs (with love) and for leather (due to love) and all the while pleasing reestablishment was made, for one, with the Moon and all it’s graceful mysteries. There was whether that was weathered and performances that were wuthered (gratefully) and there were uncomfortable moments that required decisions about whether and whence. But everything turned out okay.

Miss Robin ventured onto much ground rarely trod, with excellent comportment and bright hope for margaritas (and other words starting with M). Little Esme can now sit tall while Not Quite so Little Leo is apparently climbing up the walls. Hank is fucking enormous. FC, KD and MG wondered what on earth they were going to do with Mr. Jagger’s trousers, which was a surprisingly pressing question.

But if one thing became clear it is that Shannon Hoon’s hand is still mighty, influencing much regarding joy and rockicity.


3 responses to “Month in Review

  1. Thank you, o cordial lemon! 🙂

  2. Always nice to be kept abreast of the twists and turns, loops and loons, of and in peoples lives. Obfuscation is an artform so rarely practiced outside the squawks and squabbles of the children in charge that one forgets it can tease as well as torment.
    Bravo. Have some sherbert.

  3. The Little Black Duck

    Paragraph V is really very nice. Just so’s you know.

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