The Brangiverse

There may well be tacit proof of alternate universes in the weekly, if not daily, celebrity magazines that tap into Brad Pitt’s & Angelina Jolie’s lives. These records, if taken as true (anything published must be true, my childhood assumptions tell me) they can’t possibly be the same couple. Thus it is not unreasonable to assume that the magazines are tapping into various alternate lives and universes in order to sate the celebrity appetites of the masses. Which is quite considerate, really. But surely, if we charted the doppler shift (maybe even the brownian motion) of these various Brangelinians, in their various Brangiverses, we could make some sort of omni-dimensional topographic map of the multiverse.

This would not only be of great benefit to struggling sf television writers but go some length to justifying the very existence of these paparazzi rags at all. In any universe.


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