It’s all on now, baby. (reprise)

My siblings are breeding like… like… rabbits? that’s probably not fair. They’re breeding like it’s a competition:



Cecil, teamed with Richard, is holding her own with one child, Henry (while a singular child with no immediate threat of pluralizing he makes up for it by being a giganti-baby, weighing in at 13kg as a 10 month old).

Slow Starter

Slow Starter

Hairy-boy, managed by Vanessa, is trailing the pack due to only being able to produce, until July at least, a fetus (male, currently unnamed) and this with a 3 year lead – quite disappointing, really.

I have things in my pants

I have bad things in my pants

Way in the lead is Johnny-Oops (oops by name, oops up by nature), ratified by Jen, with a son of 18 months, Leo, and a freshly minted punk baby (born with mohawk and facial attitude), Esme. Really, even if they were all tied up, I’d have to award the first prize to Leo & Esme. Those are names to be proud of, man.

Esme has more hair than me

Esme has more hair than me

I am filled with admiration for them all. I’m quite grateful I get to play uncle – most of the fun, little of the various excreta. And while I am technically coming last in this race, I am abdicating my position in order to adjudicate.


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