I spent the day in Wellington attending a seminar by Peter Vardy about teaching ethics in high-school and beyond (I apparently did this for fun). Discussed much was the social and cultural context we and today’s youth live in (an average of 3.500 advertisements a day, the common melding of sexual and violent imagery and the fun subject of emotional and physical dissociative disorders in young girls giving $10 dolllar blowjobs to male classmates in Sydney schools) while trying to re-establish a base ethical philosophy with which to educate everyone so they can put the intellectual beat-down (in an anti-realist, situationist-utilitarianism (with a synderesis twist) kinda way) on the invisible hand of capitalist propaganda designed to turn everyone into cookie cutter consumerist automatons while pillaging the environment at the government’s behest and returning a juicy profit to the body corporate . All within a Anglican frame-work (and it was fun!). I happily realised early on that we were effectively discussing how to teach young and old alike a means of self-defence against the dark-side of modern civilisation. My Kant-fu is stronger than yours, old man.


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