The Wild Jockstrap of Favouritism

My favourite discovery of the day was the movie trailer for ‘Where the Wild Things Are’. This is the children’s book that I love above all others. I still want to be Max, the King of all the Wild Things.


The preview looks excellent, wonderfully and sneakily revealed images from the book interspersed with scenes created for the movie. I can’t wait. The song that runs through the trailer is by The Arcade Fire, a fitting choice as their percussive, insistent clangy-ness combined with the choral yelling nature of the singing perfectly suits the bonging pots and pans nature of Max’s dance around the fire with the fearsome monsters he has conquered by staring into their yellow eyes. I look forward to it greatly.

(On a geekier note, I read a fascinating analysis of the book in part of  ‘Inventing the Child’ by J. Zornado, a book far more academic than I’m used to but totally gripping none the less; one of those pause and reflect, re-read, ring up your friends and annoy them by reading entire passages to them, underline, highlight, underline again then throw in a few exclamation marks sort-of-books).


My favourite metaphor of the day comes from a cricket blog that describes Kevin Pieterson’s brilliantly inconsistent batting performances as “alternating between the golden underpants of triumph and the dank jockstrap of failure”. 


Victory! ...?


Such pungent perfection…


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